Client: ING DIRECT Canada - Dashboard.

This is an interactive website that teaches children, ages 6 - 12, how to effectively budget and save their money. The website interacts with a physical bank you can purchase from the ING DIRECT store which contains a USB cord, stickers and a physical bank. Children can play interactive games and interact in a land filled with animated characters from the Money Movement. Once hooked up digitally to the users computer using the USB chord, any deposits made to the bank are logged into the website keeping track of what is saved. The user can also set goals for what they wish to save for and the software provides them with how much has been saved and how much longer it should take to achieve their goal. In addition, kids can donate to a local charity of choice, take part in a weekly chore list with the possibility of family reimbursement for their hard work, and the user can interact with the characters through messaging. With a parent website that allows the parent to keep track of their child's progress, it's a fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy! © ING DIRECT Canada.

Work completed: all character, environment and navigational illustrations, animation on the entire website minus the animated intro, replacing all elements of the website with updated illustration and animation components mentioned above.