Main Map - Scavenger Card - Call to Action

Navigation - Transition Animation

Armadillo - Ball In Animation

Armadillo - Idle Animation 1

Armadillo - Idle Animation 2

Armadillo - Roll Up Rock Animation

Camel - Chew Animation

Camel - Kick Animation

Camel - Spit Animation

Camel - Tail Wag Animation

Camel - Walk Animation

Coyote - Howl Animation

Coyote - Pant Animation

Coyote - Run Animation

Coyote - Walk Animation

Meerkat - Head Hold Animation

Meerkat - Head Rotation Animation

Meerkat - Run Animation

Meerkat - Idle Animation

Meerkat - Jump Animation

Roadrunner - Fly Animation

Roadrunner - Peck Animation

Roadrunner - Scratch Animation

Roadrunner - Squawk Animation





The Great Zoo Escape 2 - Trailer

Coyote Animation - Preview

Armadillo Animation - Preview

Gift Shop Background - Preview

Meerkat Background - Preview

Client: Sibling Rivalry Games.

The Great Zoo Escape 2 is a puzzle adventure game for both iOS and Android.  The story is set after escaping from the zoo in The Great Zoo Escape and you’ve decided to head back to help your friends in the Desert Pavilion. Find objects, use items, go on a scavenger hunt and beat the mini-game in order to help your desert friends escape. Perfect for anyone who likes quick escape games and is fun for the entire family!!


• Several puzzle solving rooms

• In-App hint purchases to help with sticky situations

• A variety of animals and animations

• Clues and puzzles

• Numerous items for the user to find

• Mini game

• Professional music and sound effects

• Mind challenging strategy

Astounding sound design by the incredible Robby Duguay and Matt Miller of Level Curve Inc, (,) and expert coding by the incredible Mohammed Baker, (,) it's sure to satisfy your taste for puzzle adventure games. © Sibling Rivalry Games

Work completed: art direction, UI / navigational design, concept art, all illustration work from sketches to final art, all animation production, sprite creation for animated assets, exporting all layers as PNGs for Unity use, importing elements into Unity for programmer use, social media asset creation (including all visual static images, video demos, and promotional videos for multiple platforms,) asset management between all participants using Trello.

Time Frame:  3 months.