Trap - Cannon

Trap - Bear Trap

Trap - Crossbow

Trap - Mouse Trap

Trap - Wood Spikes

Trap - Axe

Trap - Grenade

Trap - Flame Thrower

Trap - Snakes



Zoo Clean Up: App Logo

Zoo Clean Up: App Logo

Zoo Clean Up: Game Logo



Client: Sibling Rivalry Games.

So you've come across your very own Zoo! Unfortunately, in our previous game The Great Zoo Escape 2 all the animals in the zoo escaped. Since then, teenagers have moved in and completely trashed the place. What a mess! Not only have they made a mess, but they've also littered the zoo with booby traps! And, the worst part is, they keep adding more traps every day! As the main player, you only have 1 week (7 days) to get the zoo cleaned up or the city will turn the zoo into a parking lot. Each day you'll be required to clean up a different types of garbage (metal, hazardous waste, recyclables, organic waste etc.)

This isn't your grandmother's hidden object game, it won't be a casual stroll through the zoo. So roll up your sleeves and help clean up over 100 hidden objects, just remember to watch out for all of the traps!

Good Luck!


• Over 100 randomly placed hidden objects to find
• Stunning background art and detailed objects
• Multiple rooms to explore throughout the zoo
• Objects hidden between layers of artwork for increased realism
• 2 Free Hints, 2 Free Clues and 3 Free lives to start your adventure

Astounding sound design by the incredible Robby Duguay and Matt Miller of Level Curve Inc, (,) and expert coding by the incredible Mohammed Baker, (,) it's sure to satisfy your taste for hidden object games. © Sibling Rivalry Games

Work completed: art direction, UI / navigational design, concept art, all illustration work from sketches to final art, all animation production, sprite creation for animated assets, exporting all layers as PNGs for Unity use, importing elements into Unity for programmer use, social media asset creation (including all visual static images, video demos, and promotional videos for multiple platforms,) asset management between all participants using Trello.

Time Frame:  3.5 months.